Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Reviews - What a Melon Intense Lip Treatment and Pout Polish Gentle Lip Scrub

So following my recent post on Bomb Cosmetics, here is a review on both the Bomb Cosmetics "What a Melon Intense Lip Treatment" and the "Pout Polish Gentle Lip Scrub". I purchased these 2 products from

After discovering Bomb Cosmetics from Beauty Heaven I am just addicted to their products particularly their solid butter bar and the cleansing shower butters. I haven't tried their lip products before so I purchased these 2 to see what they're like.

I own a few stick lip balms and I also use pawpaw ointment to moisturise my lips.. but some of my lip balms leave my lips with residue even though they are moisturising.

Pout Polish Gentle Lip Srub

I've used a lip scrub before from Lush but I didn't like it as it's quite rough on the lips. Well..this gentle lip scrub is definitely gentle. Not only that, the smell of the this lip balm is just scentsational (get it *wink* *wink*).

As you can see in the picture above, the pout polish has very tiny fine grains that exfoliate the lips. It is a bit hard to take out with your fingers but if you leave your fingers for a minute to warm up the product then you can usually slide a tiny amount of the pout polish to apply on the lip. You don't need much at all. The grains are really fine but I can definitely feel it exfoliating my lips. The polish also contains shea butter so it not only exfoliates but also moisturises the lips at the same time. 

The scent of this pout polish is just scentsational!! It's got a pina colada scent and everytime I apply this I just want to eat it coz it smells so delicious! 

The pout polish costs $6.95 which is a great price coz I think this will last me a while. It's a product I now carry in my handbag coz I love it so much!

What a Melon Lip Treatment

This lip treatment is beautiful. It's now my favourite lip balm! It leaves my lips so moisturised and soft. It lasts quite a while too but because of the juicy melon scent I love applying this regularly. I love how it doesn't feel sticky and just glides when you apply it on the lip. I also love how it doesn't leave yucky residue which some lip balm does to my lips after a few hours of application.

This lip treatment costs the same as the pout polish. I am so glad I got this lip balm because it is just amazing! Both the pout polish and lip treatment are now my handbag essentials!

So if you haven't tried Bomb Cosmetics products yet I strongly suggest you to check them out at

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

So I know I have been MIA for around a month... There has been a lot of things occupying my time and I have been sick a couple of times which has knocked me out for around a week each time.

Anyway, I am getting better now so I thought I will post about my Bomb Cosmetics haul which I got last week. I was running out of my Bomb Cosmetics solid butter bar so it was time to buy a new one. Before I bought it I contacted Paul from to see if there was a promo. He kindly advised me that a blogger was going to give out a discount code and for me to wait till then. I thought that was so kind of him! And as promised he emailed me the code right away so I was very pleased with the service.

Can I just say the customer service that GetDrenched provides is just amazing!! They have the best customer service ever!!! Paul and Liz are amazing. They respond to my emails promptly and provide the best service.

Anyway... although I only wanted to get the solid butter a couple of other products caught my eye so I also purchased the lip balm and a lip polish.

As usual, Paul always include a hand written card in the package. I think it's so lovely and adds that personal touch to it. The products are also packaged nicely to ensure they arrive safely.

I got the Duke Solid butter bar and the Skin Therapy solid butter bar. I love the Duke because it has the exfoliating bits! These solid butter bars are just amazing!! They moisturise my skin all day long! And I love how water beads forms when you apply these in the shower.

So that's it.. I will be posting a review shortly about the lip balm and the lip polish.