Friday, 26 July 2013

First Giveaway! - Giveaway CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED

So my blog has been active for a year now, but I only started blogging actively in the last 6 - 7 months.

Anyway, I wanted to do a giveaway to reward my followers.

The giveaway will be a package of 3 products:

  • Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream (,shop,8,1,12.html) 
  • Elixia Tinted Multi V Moisturiser SPF 12
  • Sarah Jessica Parker Endless Perfume

Because I've been trying to get into more organic skincare I wanted to give away natural skincare products free of parabens and nasties.

Now to enter the giveaway you need to comment below answering the following question: "Are you currently using any organic or natural skin care/makeup? If so, why did you decide to go the organic natural way?"

You will also need to follow me via Google Friend Connect or BlogLovin and include in your comment your GFC or Blog Lovin name.

The competition will be open for 2 weeks and will close at 5pm on Friday 9th August and winners will be drawn at random.

I will announce the winner on the following Sunday. You will need to contact me within 48 hours after the announcement. 

NOTE: This giveaway is only open to Australian residents.

GIVEAWAY is now closed. Winner will be announced this Sunday 10 August. Keep watching to see if you are a winner.


So the winner has been drawn. I decided to draw the winner by putting everyone's name on a piece of paper, folding them and putting them in a bowl.

I was filming the draw and was putting the bowl on the floor and then my dog Mac decided that it's a good idea to eat the papers! I had to get it off him and I thought I might as well choose the winner that way... so... the winner is.......

Jess J



  1. Amazing giveaway! I am actually using quite a few organic products, mostly skincare. I use a couple of products from MooGoo, but I also like to make my own using natural ingredients like grape seed oil, witch hazel, honey, lavender oil and tea tree oil.
    I don't have much in the way of organic makeup, but I plan on slowly incorporating it into my routine when my current products run out. I do have a face powder from Ere Perez that I bought recently. I haven't had enough time to properly test it out but going by first impressions, it does look lovely! :D x

    1. Thanks Beautybabe! When I first started I also started really slowly but now my skin care is all organic... now I just have to incorporate more organic makeup but I find that it's a bit harder with makeup

  2. Great giveaway! I follow you on GFC :)
    I have been using 'Natural Instinct' products and they've surprised me with the quality... I think I had this pre assumed idea that organic or natural products aren't as effective on the skin. I'm really interested in Antipodes as a brand because it seems to be a brand alot of people trust and rave about :)


    1. Thanks Sarah! Antipodes brand is a great brand... I really love their Grapeseed butter cleanser! It feels so nice on the skin and it's effective at removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

    2. That sounds amazing! I'd love to try that as well :D

      Excited to see who wins this giveaway. My fingers and toes are crossed. xx

  3. What a lovely giveaway!!
    I am following you on Bloglovin!

    When I started trying to get pregnant, and while pregnant, I tried to use as many natural products as possible, and it really opened my eyes to some new brands. I've never tried Antipodes but have heard a lot of good things about their products, so I'd love to try it!

    1. Hi Karina, Thanks for following! I'm sure you will love Antipodes. They have great products!

  4. Hey lovely! Thanks for the giveaway, very sweet of you :)

    I follow via GFC (themissus). I have been incorporating some organic skincare/foods into my lifestyle because they make me feel better. Living a healthier, cleaner life ultimately will make you a lot happier. I don't wear much makeup but of course I will try and find some natural products as simple is best!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend and week, cheers! x

    1. Hi themissus, thank you for following! Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!

  5. Great giveaway! I follow you on Bloglovin'

  6. Hi there Ina,
    Lovely giveaway hun. Im following you on GFC (Lady Sapphire) and Bloglovin (Lady Sapphire Blog).

    Sadly I only own a few natural/organic skin care and make up products but I do try to incorporate them into my routine as much as possible. Id love to use more natural products as I feel they would be better for my skin considering they are chemical free.

    Lady Sapphire x

  7. Great giveaway! I'm thepinkshoe on GFC :)
    Atm I'm not using any organic products but I am keen to try them out as my sister uses Organic Care shampoo and conditioner and her hair is amazing! I think I haven't used organic products before as I'm not quite sure where to start!

  8. Hi Ina, fantastic giveaway :) I am using Skin Vitals Organic cold pressed Rosehip oil and it works really well with my skin. My skin is on the dry side and its just soaks it up. I am interested in trying out more organic products as I think using more natural products without extra chemicals would be good for my skin and well being.
    I am following you via Bloglovin as Claire Floyd xx

  9. Hi Ina love your blog I will be Stalking you now :) and fantastic give away xxx Connor777

  10. Lovely blog Ina.
    I am currently use a mix of organic and other skincare and make up products. Where I can I do like to use organic products. I have they are much better for my skin in the long term. Having said that I do get a bit lazy when it comes to reading labels and there are also plenty of products that I love which are not organice.
    I follow you on GFC (jessj) and bloglovin (jess77).

  11. GFC name Fawn M

    Ive been using quite a few products form U little Beauty in Byron Bay.
    Organic and cruelty free.
    I had major problems with sensitive skin issues so started trying differant products in an attempt to find products that would be kind to my skin. To start with i thought that thed 'natural' products would be less better quality but ive been thrilled to discover that that is so not true.

  12. I made it :) connor77