Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My current daily mascara routine - Tarte Light Camera Flashes and Benefit They're Real

So today I wanted to talk about my daily mascara routine and review the mascara I've used. I don't tend to stick with the same brand mascara unless I really really love it. I do have some favourites that I have repeatedly used and one of them is Benefit They're Real which is going to be covered in this post today.

For the last 2.5 months i have been using 2 mascaras, Tarte Light Camera Flashes (small sample tube which I got as a gift from Sephora) and Benefit They're Real (also a sample size from Benefit mascara swap).

So the reason I've been using 2 mascaras instead of just one is because I started out just using the Tarte one and it did give me nice long lashes but didn't give any volume. So after about a month I started using Benefit They're real which I've previously used on its own. The combination of the 2 mascaras gives me long thick lashes. 

Before I apply these 2 mascaras, I always curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura lash curler which I love! I sometimes heat it up using hair dryer to make the curl more intense.

I then apply Tarte mascara first, to the top lashes only and then I apply a second coat with the Benefit mascara. As you can see from the mascara brushes (below) the 2 mascaras have slightly different brushes. 

Below in the first photo you can see my natural lashes without mascara, then the 2nd photo on the top is after applying Tarte mascara. Then as you can see after the 2nd coat (in the 1st pogo on the bottom) using the Benefit mascara I get long thick lashes. It really helps to open up my eyes, especially since I have hooded eyes.

I really like the Benefit mascara as on its own it does give me defined and volumised lashes. The Tarte mascara on the other hand focuses more on lengthening the lashes. I also found that the formula of the Tarte mascara dried out very quickly within the first month. I don't think I would purchase the Tarte mascara especially on its own. If I had to choose between the 2, Benefit definitely wins but using both together actually works really well.

Once I have reached the 3 months use of these mascaras I will be using another mascara, so when that time comes I will post another review.


  1. I own benefit Mascara and its really great. Its lovely to see beauty blogger from my city

  2. Wow that combo makes your lashes look stunning! x

  3. Thanks for the tip on heating the eyelash curler before using, I tried it the other day and got comments hehe!