Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pucker up for Liptember and Kiss Away the Blues

Today I wanted to post about Liptember which is coming up in a week time!

Liptember is a great and fun fundraising campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds for women's mental health issues. This is quite close to my heart as last year I experienced some anxiety as I had an extremely stressful time due to several circumstances. Although what I experience was very minor and small compared to what other women would go through I really want to help out and support this cause as much as I can.

So how do you get involved with Liptember?

The campaign involves participants to wear lipstick everyday and everywhere in September. There are special Liptember lipsticks which can be purchased from Chemist Warehouse. Revlon has specially created 4 shades for the Liptember campaign which are: Liptember Pink, Liptember Coral, Liptember Red and Liptember Berry. Then for those who are brave and fun they also released special funky Liptember lipsticks in crazy colours like blue, yellow, purple and bright hot pink!

I picked up 2 colours: Liptember Pink and Liptember Coral. I chose this because I think these colours are great for everyday wear work or play. I'm not game enough to do the crazy colours. The coral colour is bright but not too bold and the pink lipstick it's just like your lip colour but better.

I have registered for Liptember and I would really love your support. This is for a really good cause and all funds raised will go to the Centre for Women's Mental Health who provides national research and programs for gender specific mental health issues for women and Lifeline Australia who provides all Australians with nationwide 24/7 crisis support services.

If you want to get involved with Liptember, visit there website -

If you would like to sponsor me for Liptember and donate for this great cause you can visit my Liptember Sponsorship page and donate here:

I am really excited in getting involved with this campaign and it's really great I can help a great cause by wearing lipstick which is something I am already doing.

So get involved in this fun campaign!!


  1. I will for sure have lipstick on everyday and what a great cause Connor x