Monday, 18 March 2013

Antipodes Divine Face Oil - Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip review

Today's review is on the Antipodes Divine Face Oil - Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip. I purchased this a month ago on my trip to Wellington NZ. I purchased this along with the Grapeseed Butter Cleanser which I have reviewed last week here.

The Divine Face Oil claims that it has been scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production in human skin cells by up to 51%. It also claims to lift tired, stressed and sun-damaged skin and help to reduce the appearance of lines, age spots and scars.

I've been using this oil for the past month now and I am loving it. My daily routine now involves applying 1-2 drops of the Divine Face Oil after cleansing and before applying moisturiser. I apply the oil both day and night. Some of you may ask - why do I use it during the day, wouldn't it be troublesome putting makeup over a face that's been covered in oil? The answer to that is no, I do not have any trouble at all applying makeup after applying this oil since it absorbs into the skin quite quickly. Even straight after application of this oil my skin does not feel oily or greasy.

After I started using this oil my skin feels more supple, healthy and hydrated. The oil keeps my very dry skin hydrated all day and all night long. I usually apply a few more drops at night time and in the morning I wake up with soft, smooth and hydrated skin. The oil definitely gives my skin that extra hydration boost that it needs especially I work everyday in a dry air conditioned building.

In terms of appearance of scars, I do have a couple of very light pimple scars which I got recently and I have found that these scars are disappearing slowly. I still can see a tiny bit of redness from the scar but it is not as bad as what it was before I started using this oil.

I love this oil and I will definitely be repurchasing. Even though it is a small bottle (30ml) I think this will last me at least a few months since I only need to use 1 - 2 drops per application.  Update: It's been a month since I posted this review and there is still over half a bottle left so it does last a long way.


  1. This sounds great. I'm a huge fan of oils. I can't believe I never used to use them, and now I practically bathe in them :)

    1. Same here!! I am now a huge fan of oils. I first started using rose hip oil. I've also tried jojoba oil and argan oil. I love them all!!!

    2. I'm loving my rose hip oil and tea tree oil. Apparently the use of natural oils on the skin helps control the oil produced by your skin!

  2. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. Vinanza Grape

  3. Avocado oil is wealthy in chlorophyll which, together with lutein, is what gives it that excellent green color Organic Skin Care. Chlorophyll and lutein are a effective antioxidants and these help support skin mobile function, putting off toxins and loose radicals roaming round your body, willy-nilly.