Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review: Clinique Super City Block SPF30+

So you may or may not know that I am obsessed with applying sunscreen or skincare that has a minimum of SPF 30 everyday. Even on overcast day I still apply my sunscreen under my makeup. The latest product that I have been using is the Clinique Super City Block SPF 30+. It comes in a 40ml tube. It has a high protection of SPF 30+ and it provide protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Before using this, I didn't use much Clinique products. I have tried samples of Clinique moisturiser and treatments but it didn't suit my skin.  I was a bit worried when I purchased this that this may also be the case. However, this was not the case for this product. This oil free sunscreen suited my dry sensitive skin perfectly. I did not get any breakouts or reaction after applying this product.

The consistency of the product is quite thick but it is easily spreadable all over your face and you don't need much at all. This has last me a good few months. 

When you squeeze out the product you can see that it has a slight tint to it. The tint is quite light and I was worried it was going to leave a white tint on my face (my skin is around NC 25/30). However as you blend it out into your skin the tint is not as noticeable. Even though that this sunscreen is tinted, you may think it is similar to a tinted moisturiser but it's not. I don't think that it has much coverage at all after you blend it in your skin.

Top: with flash;   Bottom: without flash

Another thing I like about this sunscreen is that it does not have that strong sunscreen smell which I don't like. And after applying this all over my face I don't find that it is greasy at all and it actually works well as a primer under my makeup. I do find when my skin is very dry that I have to apply a hydrating moisturiser under the sunscreen but most times I apply this sunscreen on its own before applying makeup.

Overall I love this sunscreen and will definitely be repurchasing again. It is quite pricey though at AU$36 for the 40ml tube but as it did last me a few months I think it is a good value.

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