Friday, 12 April 2013

Adore Beauty Haul plus a prize!

So earlier this week Adore Beauty had their 13th Birthday and they had a discount on their full price products. Anyway I decided to buy something and I went and bought a Tweezerman slant tweezers. I have heard good things about these tweezers....and the current tweezers I use aren't that great.
After purchasing I entered the competition that Adore Beauty was holding as part of their birthday. It was called Pass-the-parcel competition.

I found out a couple of days later that I had won something (through the beautiful Coconal on Beauty Heaven forum) and that my name was on Adore Beauty's facebook page.

I was so excited and the prize that I got was the NP Set Day to Night Palette. Adore Beauty said this prize was going to be included in my order.

Yesterday I received a package from Adore Beauty and I got my Day to Night Palette with a couple of samples and a Tim Tam! But my actual order was not there... However I called them today and they said it was getting shipped separately and I was glad when I came home to find another package from Adore Beauty. Of course it was my order and included was 2 samples and a secret Deluxe sample that was included in my order.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase from Adore Beauty. They ship really quickly and their shipping fee was only $5.95. I was a bit disappointed with the "Deluxe" sample since I thought it would be slightly bigger but I guess that's just me.

I'm really excited to try out the palette that I won. The palette has 8 eyeshadows, 4 for day time look and 4 for night time look. It also comes with 2 blushes nude and pink, although I think the nude blush looks more like a bronzer. The eyeshadows in the palette looks gorgeous and great for everyday look.

Then below is the tweezers that I purchased. It's a limited edition zebra print Tweezerman slant tweezers. This is the full size tweezers. And yes, I know at $30 it is a very high price to pay for tweezers but I have been thinking about getting these for a while since I have heard people raving about them. I guess I will just have to try them out and I will see if they live up to the raves.

 So that's my haul from Adore Beauty! I will use the palette next weekend when I am going out for a party and will give a review then.


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! How exciting :) The NP palette looks great. I've been wanting to get one for a while but just never get around to buying one.

  2. Congrats on winning this fab prize!

  3. What an amazing prize to win, Ina, you were super lucky! I saw some of the other prizes and they really didn't look as interesting as these. ;)

    Love being the bearer of good news too! I love sharing in the excitement! :D

    PS - I love Tweezerman tweezers so I think you picked a great choice...the zebra print is also just too cute!

    (also known as Coconal).

  4. Thanks Bottled Beauty, Michel and Coconal!! I am really excited to try out this palette even though I already have a numerous amount of eyeshadows!

    Coco - I love the Tweezers. It's amazing! It picks up the shortest hair with no issue. I'm definitely happy I purchased it.