Monday, 1 April 2013

Review: Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Foundation

So I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of Beauty Heaven's trial team for the new Lanc ôme Teint Visionnaire Skin Perfecting Makeup Duo Foundation.

The Teint Visionnaire combines 2 products into one: a foundation and a matching concealer.
The foundation contains [LR 2412] which is the star molecule of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector serum.  Lanc ôme claims the [LR 2412] works day after day to smooth wrinkles and refine pores and reduce the appearance of imperfections. The Teint Visionnaire contains 2% of the [LR 2412] molecule while the Visionnaire skin perfecting serum contains 4%.
The concealer/corrector is a high coverage corrector which claims to immediately reduce the appearance of dark spots, dark circles and imperfections.

I was very excited when I got chosen to try out this foundation because this is the first expensive/high-end foundation I've tried.

First of all the packaging of the foundation is quite unique and different to others I've seen. It does look a bit bulky but I don't tend to carry foundation in my handbag so I don't mind the look of the bottle at all.
I really do love that this is a 2-in-1 product. I love how the concealer is built into the bottle. It is located on the top of the lid off the bottle. You just flip the cap lid open and there's a small mirror inside which is quite handy.

The instructions says that you first apply the high coverage corrector then follow by applying the foundation. I did not follow this as I like to apply concealer after I apply foundation since I find that the concealer moves around if you apply it under the foundation.

The consistency of the foundation is thin but not too runny and it applies smoothly on the skin. The coverage of the foundation is light to medium. I like to apply it with a light coverage but you definitely can build it up to a medium coverage. The foundation nicely evens out my skin tone and gives me a natural finish. In addition I found that this foundation works really well with my dry skin. It's not drying at all, it doesn't make my skin look cakey and it feels very lightweight on my skin.

The foundation has an SPF factor of 20 which is higher than any other foundations I have used before.

Now the corrector formula feels very thick and heavy. I found that I need to warm it up with my fingers before I can apply it onto my skin. The corrector is definitely high coverage as I only needed to use a tiny bit to cover any imperfections. I don't have much imperfections on my skin but I have a few redness and scars from pimples and the corrector covers it perfectly. I also applied a tiny bit of the corrector under my eyes and even though it is a high coverage corrector I didn't find it looking cakey. The colour of the corrector is a perfect match with the foundation colour.

The shade that I received was 04 Beige Nature. Just to let you know the skin tone on my face and neck is lighter than my décolletage area and arms so I tend to use a foundation that is slightly darker so it blends in nicely all over. When I had to choose the shade for the foundation I went to David Jones and swatched the other range of Lanc ôme Foundation and the sales assistant matched me to 04 Beige Nature in Teint Idole. When I got the foundation I thought that it looked quite dark. However it does not look as dark after blending it with my fingers into the skin. When I apply the foundation onto my face I found that it worked better applying it with my fingers as it warms the product up and blended it nicely. If I apply it with a brush I found that it is a little bit too dark.

So does this product live up to its claims of skin benefits? Well, I have been using this foundation everyday for nearly a month now and in terms of skin benefits I can see that my pores look a bit more refined and my skin looks even and feels smooth. However other than that I haven't seen any other skin improvements as yet. I will definitely keep using this and hopefully in another month I can see the benefits that it claims to have.

Overall I really do like this foundation. It is lightweight and looks natural on the skin. The only downside was the colour was a bit hard to match. I did go to the store and tried on the lighter shades and I found they were too light so I think I was in between shades. I do find that I can get away with it if I blend it in really well into the skin and use a lighter colour face powder to set it.

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