Saturday, 27 April 2013

Makeup Geek Haul - Red Cherry Lashes, MUG Gel eyeliner review & swatches

So I have been eyeing the Makeup Geek (MUG) Gel Eyeliner for a while now... to be honest.. from last year. And finally a few weeks ago I went for it and purchased 3 of them. In addition of these gel eyeliners, I also purchased 4 x Red Cherry lashes.

You may have heard of Makeup Geek. If you haven't, here's a little bit of info. Makeup Geek is a beauty website run by Marlena. I found out about her through her Youtube Channel. Previously she just had the channel and the website but then she started producing her own products such as these gel eyeliners. She also has eyeshadows as well and they come in a range of beautiful colours.

So the three MUG gel eyeliners that I purchased were: Fame (beautiful dark teal), Amethyst (gorgeous purple) and Rave (dark shimmery/metallic brown). They were very affordable at US$7.99 compared to MAC Fluidline which is around $32 (I think).

I also purchased some Red Cherry false lashes since I have read some good reviews about it and they were only U$2.50 each. I purchased the Demi Wispies, #217, #747S, and #110. So far I have used the #747S and they look really nice on and it looks quite natural. I will post the EOTD using these lashes in the next few days.

So onto the gel eyeliners. First of all, I love them!! These gel eyeliners are amazing! The colours are gorgeous, they are very pigmented and they are long lasting. Once I applied them, they do not budge. I think they also work great as a base. I have only tried using Rave as a base and it glides on smoothly. I do find that Fame (teal) was a bit more tacky but it still applies beautifully.

Out of these 3 colours, I still can't decide which one of them is my favourite because I love them all. I love Fame and Amethyst because the colours are so gorgeous. And I love Rave too because it's not just a plain brown but a beautiful metallic/shimmery brown. As you can see above, before I actually used Fame it looks quite dark and matte but after I applied a swatch the colour is a beautiful gorgeous teal!

Here is a look I did the other day using Rave. I don't think this picture does it justice but it's definitely a great alternative to the usual black eyeliner.

Overall I am very happy with my Makeup Geek haul. I am tempted to purchase more of the gel eyeliners and also the MUG eyeshadows which I've heard are really nice and pigmented. The shipping to Australia wasn't too expensive. Overall I paid around $45 for the above haul so it was a good value!

I can't wait to try more MUG products but I think I have to put myself on a spending ban for now... so until next time.


  1. Fantastic post :)

    I havent used these before but they look great.

    1. Thanks!! They are really good. I'm so glad I finally purchased them.