Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My current skincare wish list

So today I wanted to share my current skin care wish list. As you can see there is definitely a single common factor in the above wish list. All the products are from the brand Antipodes. You may have seen that I found out about this brand on my visit to Wellington NZ back in Feb where I purchased Antipodes Rosehip & Avocado Oil and Antipodes Grapeseed butter cleanser. Well, after I started using these two products I fell in love with this organic brand and I really want to get more of their skincare range.

At the moment I am using a mixed brand of skin care products. However I am trying to use more organic products or at least products that are paraben free and natural. So, I am now on the mission of trying to finish my current skincare products so I can buy more from Antipodes and start getting the products on my wish list.

So here are the products that I would really love to get from Antipodes:

  1. Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone Correcting Serum

  2. This is a water-based serum to help target pigmentation, brighten your skin and restore even tone. It contains natural ingredients like Waiwera mineral-blessed water, Vinanza Oxifend, and Kiwi Fruit enzyme.

  3. Joyous Protein Rich Night Replenish Serum

  4. An intensive oil-based night serum that helps restore elastin to damaged and ultra-dry skin. It contains Himalayan goji, a blend of superfruit oils, subtropical hibiscus flower and kiwi seed oil.

  5. Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

  6. An incredibly nutritious cream featuring native New Zealand manuka honey, a powerful antibacterial agent to assist in keeping skin completely clean and free of blemishes.

  7. Saviour Skin Balm

  8. Offer sure salvation to skin troubles with this potent conditioning balm. Nature's richest oils blend with the power-packed antibacterial and antifungal healing properties of totara and Australian tea tree, while antioxidant-rich echinacea and Vinanza Grape optimise cell and skin repair.

  9. Aura Manuka Honey Mask

  10. This facial mask delivers an intensely moisturising, cleansing and antioxidising treatment. It is the ultimate solution for spots and blemishes.

  11. Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser

  12. A pure base of avocado oil gently removes impurities while carrot seed oil promotes skin that glows with good health. Highest quality essential oils of lime and patchouli work wonderfully to deeply cleanse, freshen and uplift.

  13. Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

  14. This night cream contains 100% pure avocado oil, calendula oil from marigold petals, active manuka honey and Vinanza Grape.

  15. Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

  16. A luscious yet light eye cream for a cooling and soothing sensory experience. Ultra-rich Vitamin C from the seed of New Zealand kiwifruit works superbly to help rescue damaged tissue.
Note: Descriptions of products taken from Antipodes official website

So there it is. There are quite a lot of products here so I definitely won't be able to afford it all but I am hoping I can get some of these on my next trip to Wellington coming up soon in June.

Have you tried products from Antipodes Nature?

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